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curiosity killed the cat? I don't think so
sex panther dance
 I watched The Human Centipede last night, out of sheer morbid curiosity. I've heard so much about this film from various communities around LJ, so I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad... It lacked the traditional gore fest of most horror films, but it did come with psychological horror. It was as if the writer of the film solely wrote the script to scar people for life, because the whole "evil surgeon trying to create a creature with one digestive tract" thing could maybe be possible (The creator of the movie consulted a real life surgeon). I did enjoy the medical aspect of the movie, such as the removal of the ligaments in the knees of the victims to allow permanent crawling (I didn't know that!). It was also interesting to have the movie set in Germany and have Japanese characters, which alludes to Nazi human experimentation and the Japanese Empire's medical experiments during World War II. I love subtle touches like that! Overall, the movie wasn't too cracked out as people made it to be. Sure, there are some cringe inducing moments but it is bodily horror. If you're sitting alone late at night with nothing to do (like I was) go ahead and watch it. It's a great way to kill off some boredom.

Now to finish typing up my mother's anesthesia paper.


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It wasn't disgusting at all? I think I would barf midway. lol.

No, it's just too hyped up. But then again, horror is my favorite genre. It depends on the person; I'm pretty ok with bodily horror :)

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