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lovin my maccc :)
sex panther dance
I've never understood the Black Friday hype. People cramming into stores at the break of dawn seemed so irrational and weird, but now I understand why those cray crays do it. Yesterday was my first time getting up on Black Friday, since my mother wanted a GPS (she's bad with directions) and I wanted a Macbook. My laptop was seriously pissing me off the past few months because it was acting slow and erratic so my mom told me she would get me one- only if I woke up at 5 am the day after Thanksgiving. Friday arrived and I ended up waking up at 9 am instead. I was so close to not getting up and going, but I gave it a chance; I REALLY wanted a new laptop. We get there at Best Buy and I waited in a line that almost went around the whole store. After one hour of waiting, I got my Macbook. Surprised? I was too. There were only five of those Macbooks left and I actually got one; I'm still smiling inside at my extreme luck. This whole experience really did show me why people get up so early. I'm really glad I did- you can consider me one of those cray crays. :D


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