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one year already?
sex panther dance
I still can't believe it's been one year since MJ died. But I did celebrate his career and musical gifts today! I brought all of my CDs and blared his music out of my car going to and coming back from my haircut. It felt nice to listen to Michael's voice. It's really pretty and personal, like he's right beside me and speaking to me. I can feel his presence everyday and when I'm sad I listen to his songs. He'll always be in my heart! I don't know what happens after we die but I hope I'll get to meet him and tell him how much he's influenced me. I always try my best in school because I know I'll be successful like MJ (he worked hard on his music!). I miss you MJ and I hope you have found eternal peace.

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It really hurts deep down to know that he is gone.
I too am sad at times when I listen to his music.

Me too! I hope to meet Michael when I pass on. I dream of him and my gran greeting me when I go to those gates.

btw... your icon is all sorts of cute...

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